We’re Taking Up Space. We want women and girls to live in a world that fits them.

We’re here to make that happen by using design and research to understand and solve the problems that women and girls face.

What do we do?

We’re a not-for-profit network of designers, social leaders and researchers who work together to deliver change for women and girls. Whatever the issue is, we’re ready to take it on: health, housing, money, safety, school, work and the rest of it. We’re committed to making sure the world we live in works for all women, all the time. Not just some of us, sometimes.

Because women know best about their lives (and let’s face it, a lot of other things) we’re experts at designing ways for women to take part and shape everything we do.

When we spot a problem we get our team of thinkers and doers in a room with women affected by the issue and we work out what to do about it. We create new services and fix old ones. We build brands and campaigns that get the message out there and start changing attitudes. We research the confusing stuff to work out the best way forward.

We also join up with others to make better things happen for women and girls. We team up with organisations that deliver products and services to make sure they work for women. And because we love organisations that stand up for women, we’ve got a special project backing the women’s sector.


Our network

Our team comes from across the design and social sectors.